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We are Solar Power Energy Installer and System Integrators and our primary focus shall be on safety on installation practice, safety to owners‘s infrastructure as well as on new equipment handling, safety to self and co-workers, and safety in handling tools and devices. Our project managers and site superintendents take a collaborative approach to solar and over communicate regarding your construction needs and goals. We are able to provide Solar Power Generation System for private and public entities that each have their own unique operations and come from varying industries.

Maintain control–Our site superintendents maintain control by monitoring safety and ensuring quality workmanship while reducing our impact on your operations.

Collaborate–Through regularly scheduled meetings with our customers and contractors; together we make sure everyone is working to support each other’s goals from day one.

Energy Conservation & Assessment:

An Energy conservation, or Building performance assessment, helps to make smart decisions about how to conserve the energy and lower the utility bills of the facility. We identify the opportunities to reduce the energy use and/or the operating cost of the facility. We help our client to design sustainable buildings utilizing day lighting control, solar power, LED lighting systems & solar water heating system, thereby reducing the utility bills.

We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a residential & commercial building, or industrial processes. Out reports give more information about the facility that they can use for variety of purposes also recommend a variety of solar measures to save energy and cut operating costs.

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Site feasibility analysis

Solar Panel in Chennai

The success of any renewable energy project begins at its inspection. Proposed site’s surrounding natural environment should be conductive to the operation of renewable energy technology to make it a worthwhile investment. The site location, physical characteristics and general infrastructure of the site determines the success, mediocrity or failure of any photo voltaic project to a larger extent. The evaluation of proposed operating location is called a Comprehensive site feasibility study. We go in for the obstacle / Shadow analysis and also analyze the Geographic (Latitude & Longitude) system for the solar power projects.


A solar irrigation pump system methods needs to take account of the fact that demand for irrigation system water will vary throughout the year. Peak demand during the irrigation system seasons is often more than twice the average demand. This means that solar pumps for irrigation are under-utilized for most of the year. Attention should be paid to the system of irrigation water distribution and application to the crops. The irrigation pump system should minimize water losses, without imposing significant additional head on the irrigation pumping system and be of low cost.

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Permanent solution to "Go green and save Environment " is to adopt solar powered products such as solar panel, solar water heater and LED lights . These will reduce carbon footprint of your building.

This solar paner works even during powercut supplying electricity to whole building. Affordable Housing projects are a perfect fit for solar energy and every day more developers are realizing that solar provides an opportunity to increase investor returns, reduce operating expenses and help the environment.

So, Let's begin to Think smart and Act smart.

Educational Institutions

Schools are large consumers of energy and with the integration of new learning equipment and research technologies, operating budgets are continually growing. A solar power installation will reduce your institution's energy bill and protect you from rising rates.

We do act as pillar for installing Solar Power Plant in schools, colleges & universities effectively modeling the positive environmental attributes of renewal energy for students, staff, faculty and the community at large.

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Govt. Sectors & Industries

Solar Panel price in Chennai

Solar energy systems on government facilities demonstrate innovation, cost consciousness, and leadership in a new economy. Solar Installations creates green collar for government buildings. Making our own solar electricity contributes to our national energy independence and a more sustainable future.

We provide solar power MW plant for industries for the industrial purposes which would utmost give the power supply and reduce the electricity cost & quick return of the investment. Solar power plant installed would bring about non stoppable power supply & eco friendly environment.

Marriage Mahal

Marriage Mahal are large consumers of energy and with the integration of lighting,decoration lighting and Air cooler, operating budgets are continually growing. A solar power installation will reduce your marriage mahal electricity bill and protect you from rising rates there by initiating the corporate social responsibility

Solar panels installed at roof top of kalyana mahal brings out the best utilization of the unused roof top space and the return of investment in 5-6 years. As pillars within their respective communities, the positive environmental attributes of renewable energy for marriage mahal.

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Net Metering

Solar Panel in Chennai

If the home is net-metered, the electricity meter will run backwards to provide a credit against what electricity is consumed at night where the home's electricity use exceeds the system's output. Customers are only billed for their "net" energy use.

For a commercial consumer, a simple rooftop system will be able to power most of your energ y needs and any excess power can be fed back to the grid, which leads to deduction in consumed units and will also make consumed EB units fall in lower pricing slab. This is done through net metering which is slowly starting to come to light in the state. Overall it becomes a lighter financial burden for the commercial consumer to go solar.

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